Food microbiology

Food microbiology at Leatherhead provides a broad range of microbiological food analyses food-safety-petri-dishcovering food spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms for our customers.

UPDATE FLASH – see the video on our expert food preservation services

We are able to determine the levels of micro-organisms in foods, predict their ability to grow/survive in your products and verify their behaviour through real-time analysis. Leatherhead can evaluate and confirm the shelf life of your products, and advise you on the necessary recipe alterations, packaging and process conditions that will help you achieve a safe shelf life or even allow you to extend your product’s shelf life.

Using our expertise in microbial recovery from complex matrices, we are able to help you validate your heat processand provide you with data on microbial susceptibility to the application of that heat.

If you are looking to reduce the level of heat applied to your products, make energy savings and/or enhance the sensorycharacteristics of your products, we are able to advise you on the use of alternative preservation technologies that will ensure the safety of your products.

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