Food Packaging Materials

Packaging material is any material that is used to cover the product and protect it from getting dust, dirt or any other unwanted foreign materials into the product, and some in addition provides information about the product. The researchers aimed at a better method of better quality packaging materials to protect our food and other goods.


In the early ages, people used to obtain and collect their food during hunting and fishing. For the food storage they use leaves from tress, animal skin and also woven baskets. The foods were not fully protected from contaminants and so it was not hygienic.

Some 5,000 years before Christ, man use glass to make jewelries. Later 1,000 the Egyptians used glass to make different kinds of jars for storing goods. In the middle ages the most material used for the food packaging was the wooden barrels. They were used store foods and liquids and also to protect them from the direct light. This brought change in lifestyle and so the need of the packaging materials grew.

In 1810, the French man Nicolas Appert invented a can made from glass than metal. It is said that glass can preserve food for a longer period than the metal can, so this was used during the American Civil War before it became available to the consumers. In the 19thcentury, the box cardboard was introduced, which made it easier to transport goods and it became most widely used until today.

The invention of the transparent cellophane was in 1920, and polyethylene in 1933. Aluminum foil which later came and made it possible to seal medications. From then on a large number of the packaging materials is produced and is improved every day.


Plastics are group of synthetic and modified natural polymers that can be formed into a wide variety of shapes using heat.


Plastics are made from polymers, composed of monomers. There are different types of plastics because of the different kinds of monomers produced. Some of the plastics are “functionalized” with other kinds of atoms either present in the original monomer, or added later after polymerization.


A layer of oil is added over the tin to add additional protection against corrosion and to protect the tin during formation and handling. Metal is commonly used in packing of food products. Common types of metal packages used for food include three-piece cans, two-piece cans and foil pouches. Metalized films are also used in many flexible laminated packages.


Most of the cans are made by aluminum material because they are light, strong and recyclable. The four metals that are commonly used in food packaging are steel, aluminum, tin and chromium.


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