Career Opportunities

            Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for B.Tech (Food Technology & Mgmt) graduates:

The Graduates of the Food Technology & Mgmt Course will cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, industry, exporters, policy makers, government and to existing institutions. Several career opportunities have been identified as given below:


  • Product Development Scientist : Conduct research on new to the world product.


  • Sensory Scientist : Identification of attributes that matter most to the end consumer relating to senses of sight, smell, taste & touch.


  • Food Microbiologist : Makes sure that the food is fit for consumption and is free from microbial contamination.


  • Food Analyst : Devoted to the chemical testing of food products.


  • Quality Control Supervisor : Ensures the quality from raw stage to finished product.


  • Food Process Engineer : Look after the designing of plants and equipment handling in processing of food.


  • Food Ingredient Manager : Analyse and evaluate the constituents of food products.


  • Food Regulatory Affairs Specialist : Make sures that the food products is as per the certified standards.


  • Nutrition Specialist : Ensures that the food is nutritionally wholesome and in accordance to the RDA’s.


  • Food Fermentation Specialists : Involved in preparation and processing fermented products like cheese bread, alcoholic beverages etc.

q Opportunity in Food Processing (snack food, beverages, meat, winery, dairy etc.) Food service sector , supply chain, Post harvest, food retailing, food regulations and health and wellness service providers.

q Opportunity for overseas employment.

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